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Frost 2.0: Roadmap

We are working on prioritizing new features, but some are not quite finished yet. Please check our Frost 2.0 Roadmap below, or let us know what what suggestions you have regarding Frost 2.0. Thanks!

2020: Q4

  • Press Release
  • Broadcast Plug-in Assets:
    • Clip
    • Episode
    • Franchise
    • Season
    • Show
  • Live Blog improvements

2021: Q1

  • Live Wheel
  • JW Player
  • Comments
  • Header Hat
  • Support & Documentation

Suggestions? Let us have them :)

We think the Frost 2.0 theme is great, but there's always room to grow. Please let us know if there's anything you'd like to see added to Frost 2.0, we're all ears.

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