The Section content type serves as a parent section of all Asset pages that are included in your site's taxonomy. The Section is part of Brightspot Core. The Section drives the URL folder of Asset pages, so if your Article Asset has Section 1 as its parent, the URL path will be /section-1/article-name. In Frost 2.0, the Section is also exposed as the eyebrow or label on pages, and promo modules.

If assets are given a parent Section, they will automatically populate on the Section page with a default appearance. The default module is the "Card Image on Top" style. Editors can always override the default by adding modules on the Section content well manually.

Dynamic List of Assets with this Section Parent

Dynamic lists are lists whose content satisfies various criteria. Examples of dynamic lists are reader comments and related articles, both of which can continually change.

When you create a dynamic list, you are actually defining search criteria. Every time a visitor loads a web page with a dynamic list, Brightspot searches for content matching the search criteria, and then populates the list accordingly.

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January 01, 2000
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