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Articles are the backbone asset of any Brightspot project, and can have many variations. Brightspot offers a basic article, plus several supported variations that are news specific. Articles are a way for publishers to add evergreen or breaking news content to a site. Articles can support text-heavy content, or content with very little or no text, or content supported by enhancements such as images or embedded social posts.

This is the Article Body: The Body should be an optional field, displaying on the front end. The Body field supports Enhancements and Rich Text Editing.

About the Author
Short Biography: This is an optional field. This field will be a Rich Text Editor field, with hyperlink capability – External and Internal. Here is where the editor will place the short biography of the author. Typically this field is used at the bottom of articles this author has written, as well as passed through in dynamic modules (if there was a list module of all Authors, for example).

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